Steve's teachings of the Bible, have been a huge factor in my growth in being a better husband, father, grandfather and business owner. I make decisions dealing with the issues of life, knowing God is in control. I need to do my part to honor Him and have faith that He will provide when His time is right for me.  Steve, "tells it like it is".  If you have not heard him speak, come to this weekly study and learn from the best.

Nolan Strahan
Irving, TX
Contact Nolan at:  nstrahan@combinedgroup.com

I am going to start now and continue to pester each of you to go to a Wednesday Menís Group (Bible Study) which Steve Farrar leads.  Steve is taking the summer off and writing another Christian book, but will be back on Wednesday, September 6th with his insightful teaching.  Targeting men and the issues they deal with, including raising kids and maintaining a marriage.

The company that started this program, The Combined Group, has numerous attendees and it has been a real team builder for them in all the right ways.  They support each other as well as hold each other accountable and it has been a Godsend.  I believe that it would be a Godsend for our company and for each person who would attend.  No roll is taken, no chastisement if you miss, just a great break in the week and a chance to learn and share some fellowship.

If you get started, you will not want to miss.


Terry Darrow
Dallas, TX

I have been a believer in our Lord since 1969 (Military, Okinawa, Japan).  Immediately, I got involved with church activities, bible studies, missionary conferences, etc.  As a business man, father, husband, now grandfather, I have struggled with these roles from a spiritual (GODLY) perspective.  Then along came Steve Farrar, a no nonsense man of God, "straight shooter".  Steve tells it like it is from the word of God!


Nathan Jones
Irving, TX
Contact Nathan at:  njones@combinedgroup.com

If you are like me having the desire to attend a 11:30 AM Wednesday Bible Study doesn't have the same "uplifting effect" that playing golf with your favorite foursome brings forth.  That's OK.  Golf every Wednesday is good stuff.  Maybe you believe you are too busy, or making a real effort to arrange your schedule so as to find the time to attend has not been a real priority, or you just are not that motivated in any case, etc.  Hey, all that's par for the course.  There are so many reasons to pass up such an opportunity.

Yes, opportunity because if you ever attend a Steve Farrar Bible Study you will be blessed and grateful forever.  I tried it once many years ago and I have been following Steve ever since.  I believe my time spent with Steve and his Bible Study is as fulfilling and meaningful as anything I have ever encountered.  Oh, by the way, he and the study are great fun.

At some point in our life each of us experience that "nagging" feeling inside whereby we sense there is more to life than the usual 24/7 that we are encountering.  That "there has to be more" haunting was what drove me to seek out a better and more meaningful life.  That search led me to Steve Farrar.  What a blessing for me and my family these many years have been. 

I encourage one and all to take the time, make the effort and to come visit Steve at our Wednesday Bible Study.


Bucky Woy
Irving, TX
Contact Bucky at:  woycapital@aol.com

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